Cecilia Palmer

Photo: Susanne Eiswirt
Photo: Susanne Eiswirt

Designer and developer for fashion and web. Consultant. Organiser of participatory events & workshops on fashion, upcycling, reuse, swapping, DIY and crafts. Founder of the swap and restyle event series Fashion Reloaded (since 2009), and Pamoyo (since 2007), a sustainable open source fashion label that released designs under Creative Commons license, and one of the first upcycling labels. Freelance web producer since 2008. Based in Berlin since 10+ years. Born in northern Sweden, a summer in the early eighties and lived in Sweden, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Key Topics:

Upcycling, sustainability, crafts, craft heritage, DIY, open source, fashion, internet, human rights, social entrepreneurship, collaborative design, participatory design, reuse, circular economy, design, programming.

Currently working on: