I work as a freelance web producer since 2008. Here is a selection of client projects.

Website for a german children’s book for kids with bladder extrophy, Der Junge mit dem winzigen Bauchnabel oder der beste Taucher der Welt

Design & development. Illustrations by Marie Hübner.

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Webshop for mineral cosmetics brand IDUN Minerals.
Web Development. Design by Erik Persson/PODG, based on WordPress

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Website for art gallery & project space MAKARONI / Stockholm
Development. Design by Alex Pacheco. Based on WordPress.

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Website for creative activism magazine Masta & web-based book Masta Handbook
Design & front-end development. Based on Drupal.

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Website for architecture bureau PASSIONAUTEN.
Web Development. Design by Michael Okraj/Designerdeutsch, based on WordPress.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 14.15.12

Website for Hans Kolbjornsrud, Art Director, Berlin/Stockholm.
Design & programming



Website for Beyond Berlin, sustainable fashion agency, Berlin
Programming. Design by Michael Okraj/Designerdeutsch

Beyond Berlin


Bruce Hamilton, stylist (no longer available)


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Alexander Malecki, photographer (no longer available)

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thekey.to green fashion fair, Berlin, design of the first & programming of each 4 editions 2009-2011

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Between 2011 – 2015 employed as developer at newthinking communications, with main focus on front-end web development, and partly web design, in Drupal, WordPress and Typo3.

Projects I implemented include;





Deutscher Hanfverband

Grünes CMS (CMS running 600+ websites of the german green party)

Responsive design re:publica ’14


During 2011-2012 I worked as a freelance consultant for the Tactical Technology collective, an international NGO dedicated to the use of information in activism. Projects I co-developed include: Me & My Shadow, an award-winning website for checking your digital traces, Drawing by Numbers, and the book Visualising Advocacy, and organizing an international working meeting on data and advocacy for an international group of groundbreaking human rights activists, technologists and artists.