About Cecilia Palmér

Cecilia Palmer is a designer, technologist and consultant, specialised in sustainable fashion, crafts and digitalisation.

She is a polymath and passionate maker, driven by a strong curiosity and inherent values of sustainability and social justice. She prefers to dwell into less explored territories with her work, realising ideas that, frankly, someone has got to do. Her career spans both the profit and non-profit sector; social entrepreneurship, self-employment and agency work; fashion, programming and events.

A translator and maker
"I advice companies on sustainability, digitalisation and web technology, guide product- and business development. After 15 years embedded in the sustainable fashion, social entrepreneurship and tech worlds, realising own projects as well as those of my clients, I have gained in-depth understanding of both design, product development, supply chains and technological implementation. I’m fluent in translating between design, tech team and client, vision, strategy and product, and bring with me this pivotal skill of translation in all of my projects."

She is an accomplished public speaker and workshop facilitator, who has given more than 50 keynotes, talks and workshops at conferences, festivals, universities, community centres and museums in more than 10 countries. She has been interviewed and her work featured in international press and publications, such as BBC, AFP, Thames & Hudson, The Guardian and Tagesspiegel.


Cecilia has studied sustainability, design, language and information technology across 6 universities. To consolidate and deepen her knowledge, she in the past year taken up studies again, following a 15 year “break” to pursue social and creative projects. She is currently studying data science and digital design to complete her degree. She speaks Swedish, English, German and Dutch on C2/native level, and French B2.

In the past 15 years, she has for example:

  • Co-produced upwards of 60 websites and web applications
  • Co-founded two non-profit organisations, and been a board member of five.
  • Founded a fashion label – the world's first open source brand, using upcycling before the term was coined
  • Created an online, digital atlas of craft heritage
  • Co-founder of the first large-scale swapping event series in Germany
  • Had a boutique for sustainable and vintage fashion for 2 years
  • Co-founded a magazine for creative activism
  • Co-directed an international NGO and creative activist collective during 4 years
  • Worked for many years with leading actors in the digital society, data privacy, online security and open source space, such as re:publica, Tactical Technology Collective, Netzpolitik and newthinking

Cecilia Palmer was born in northern Sweden, on the cusp of Gen X and Millenial, and lives in Berlin together with her partner and a teenage daughter.